Having trouble meditating? Not sure if you are doing it right? Join Healer, Teacher and Author Roseanne D’Erasmo Script, of Buffalo Healing Therapies for this interactive class. You will learn the basics of relaxation and meditation. Experiment with some beginning techniques that really work!

Roseanne’s latest book & reflection guide: ‘Feel Good Now’ provide examples of a Walking, Mountain, Universe and Lake Meditations demonstrating examples of different styles of meditation at an easy level. Determine which feels best to you as you reflect in your insightful guide.


Roseanne’s latest book – ‘Feel Good Now’ with Reflection Guide (a coursework in energy healing for the beginning healer) is needed for this class.

Feel Good Now - By Roseanne D'Erasmo ScriptThis 2 book set will be available for purchase at each class for $34.95 or prepayment below:


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1 of 4: Chakras 101 (Part 1)    Jan 10th
2 of 4: Chakras 101 (Part 2)   Feb 13th
3 of 4: Meditation: Let’s Do It    Feb 28th
4 of 4: Energetic Healing: What is it and How Can it Help Me?   March 13th