Are you familiar with the social media platform: Meetup? Members use meetup to find events (virtual gatherings and in person) of similar interests to your own hobbies, professions, interests etc. It’s free to join!

Consider joining my 2 Meetup Groups!
Buffalo Healing therapies meetup groups: Family Meditation and Holistic Healing Group AND Buffalo Energy Healing and Meditation

Buffalo Energy Healing and Meditation Meetup Group

This is a place for holistic-health oriented folks who want to connect and gain information about chakras, meditation and the beginnings of energy healing. Check it out here!

I am all about self-empowerment through energy healing work. Classes on Chakras Meditation and Energy Healing are offered regularly. The purpose of this Meetup is to help you grow in your knowledge of your own abilities. You will be notified of upcoming classes and practice sessions. We will also have times to practice many healing modalities: Healing Touch, Reiki and Theta for those healers who are already have a background in energy work.

Family meditation and energy healing energy meetup group for families and holistic parents
Family Meditation and Holistic Healing Group

Our events empower parents, children, teachers, and caregivers by providing resources, tools and information that support a holistic approach for balancing energy, releasing stress and promoting relaxation for all. Check it out here!

Learn techniques with your children to de-stress, boost self-esteem, calm anxiety, increase self-confidence, and connect to inner guidance using meditation, mindfulness practices and energy balancing as we establish peace within.

Share in our community as we all come together to promote higher consciousness for both adults and children. Mindfulness education is evolutionary in supporting our families’ journeys towards an open-minded and respectful community.

We look forward to meeting, meditating and having fun together. Our group is open to all those connected to children.

Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult when attending events.