I, Roseanne D’Erasmo Script, have been an Energy Healer since 1998, Instructor, Presenter, Author and owner of Buffalo Healing Therapies, the umbrella for my healing practice. I offer healing treatments, classes and presentations on the topics of meditation, energy healing, chakras, stress management and manifestation to support my mission of sharing relaxation and healing methods with the public. In addition, I offer certifications in Reiki I, II, III and Theta Healing and am also a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner.

My certified healing modalities include:  ThetaHealing®, Healing Touch and Reiki. In addition to being a gifted healer practicing energy healing work, I have also collaborated with my son, Matt, to create CD’s for relaxation and meditation.

Author, Healer, Teacher Roseanne D'Erasmo Script with her Energy Healing Book Series, and her latest book and reflection guide: "Feel Good Now: A Coursework in energy healing"

Author, Healer, Teacher Roseanne D’Erasmo Script with her Energy Healing Book Series, and her latest book and reflection guide: “Feel Good Now: A Coursework in energy healing”

As an educator for nearly three decades, I have assisted parents and children in her field expertise of literacy. I combine my experience as healer, educator, instructor, as an author to create informational texts that introduce audiences to meditation, chakras, and energy healing as alternative health modalities. My Latest Book ‘Feel Good Now’ joins I AM a Rainbow, I AM Within and I AM Healer (The Energy Healing Trilogy), as I open the door of energy healing to adults, families, teachers, parents, and children.  I also strives to provide a beginning understanding of energetic healing to students of healing, the medical community, and those new to the field of energy work. 

‘Her work appeals to newcomers to energy healing because of its crisp, clear and accessible language. The book also provides a fresh perspective for seasoned healers because of it’s systematic format and inspired language.’
                                                 Cassandra Joan Butler BSM MS LMT, Professor

Roseanne Script Teacher, Author, Instructor and Presents Energy Healing and MeditationI am available for presentations, healings, certifications and group work for audiences of any size. Reference the following list for available workshops and presentations on a variety of topics.  Also check out my blog website www.rosiesreaders.com frequently updated with healing information, articles, resources and tools for individuals, families, teachers, energy practitioners and those in the fields of medicine, spirituality and education.