I have presented the following workshops and classes included below. My presentations are very engaging and can be scaled to any learning level or  audience and generally include a visual powerpoint slide show, video clips, and interactive exercises. My goal is to introduce audiences to alternative health modalities and to empower people for their own self healing.

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All Classes can be for adults or presented as adult/child learning experiences.

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Stress Management and Relaxation

We know that stress can be the catalyst for disease. Everyone will have stressors in their life. It is what we can do about them and how we handle them that alter the impact on our health. In this workshop you will be able to identify your stressors and learn strategies to relieve their pressures in your life. You will receive handouts of tips for stress management and a relaxation CD to help you maintain a relaxed focus whether in the workplace or home. Learn 5-10 minute quick releases for pent up energy.

Manifestation Class

There are basic principles that are the foundation for all Manifestation Teachings. Learn them.Begin to apply them and receive next step guidelines for future application.

Energetic Healing: What is it and How Can it Help Me?

Energy Healing has many forms. There’s Healing Touch, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Quantum Healing, EMS, to name a few. Learn what this is all about and how to activate your own energetic healing system. Receive a meditation CD to help you stay in touch with your energetic self. Walk away with easy techniques that help you clear your field of “energetic debris” and learn how to “run energy”.

Meditation: Let’s Do It!

Having trouble meditating? In this course you will learn the basics of relaxation and meditation. You will experiment with some beginning techniques that really work!  You will have a choice of receiving a guitar meditation CD or a guided meditation that helps balance the energy centers.

Chakras 101:

You will learn about the seven major energy centers in the Human Energy Field, including the names, attributes, colors and how to activate your energy points.  You will experience chakra balancing.

Energy Healing For Children: What is it and how can it help me? 

This course is designed for our children ages 7-11 or grades 2-6.  The children will be introduced to their own energy and learn techniques for activating their own healing energy.  They will get to experience the “feel” of energy and work with partners to share the healing experience.  Children will walk away with at lease four techniques to activate their own energy system and work with healing energy.  As a NYS certified teacher, and Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, I am able to provide an educational setting along with a healing experience for our children.

Helping Children Understand and Activate Their Human Energy System

This course is designed for children ages 7-11 or grades 2-6.  The children will learn about the seven major energy centers in the Human Energy Field.  They will learn the names, attributes, colors and how to activate their energy points.  They will experience a meditation that will help them visualize each center and activate their energy.  They will receive a meditation CD to help them continue their journey.  The book I Am a Rainbow, which provides a picture walk through the energy centers, will be available for purchase.