Free Meditation for Worldwide Meditation Day
It’s worldwide meditation day! Join me for a FREE 30 minute guided meditation to start your day with clarity and alignment! This is an online event using Zoom. Even if you have never meditated before, I will make it easy for you. Invite your colleagues and start your day aligned, clear, and grounded!

The benefits of meditation are improved memory, decrease in stress, increased attention, enhanced willpower, less pain, better sleep, lower blood pressure, less anxiety, less depression, enhanced self awareness and greater compassion!

Did you know Oprah includes a 20 minute meditation for her entire workforce everyday for 20 minutes as part of their job? Dr. Joe Dispenza and Deepak Chopra consider meditation a cornerstone of positive life changing events.

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After you Register to this event, you will be sent a Zoom Invitation via email. See you soon!