Roseanne’s Books

As an author Roseanne D’Erasmo Script produces books for families and those new to energy healing for easy access to chakra, meditation and energy healing information. Links for Buying the Books from Amazon are below!

More About Each Book

I am Healer Book by Roseanne D'Erasmo Script - Healing for Families and ChildrenRoseanne has been working in the field of healing since 1998 and combines her expertise in healing and education to create  informational texts in story format about meditation, chakras and energy healing. Her intention is that adults and children alike learn to connect with their inner selves through her books. Roseanne was moved to create books about meditation and energy by requests from her clients,” How do we bottle you, your thoughts, your voice?”

Meditation CD’s

Her collaboration with her son, Matt Script, a talented musician, has lead to the creation of  relaxation and meditation CD’s.

More about her Meditation Music