Buffalo Healing Therapies welcomes Eric B. for an evening of shared presentation and interactive meditation experience that uses Law of Attraction, Orgonite, and Color to connect more deeply with our higher selves.

This class experience is a journey for the individual designed to sharpen…

— your spirituality and awareness

— creativity and clarity

— instinct and intuition

— communication

— individuality

Through unique meditation and experiences in this class, designed to help you develop your own individual awareness, you will learn energetic practices and discover new tools and methods to use for your own self-reflection, healing, and balancing.

You will discover more about your own nature and learn a practice that will bring awareness to your own creativity and your individual nature using a system created from colors of the chakras combined with the energy of compressed crystals and metals.

We will focus on our seven chakras of our physical body, where our vital energies flow and intersect. It is through the awareness of these energy centers, we transmit and receive physical, emotional, and spiritual energy. By developing your own unique journey of meditation, practiced in class, you will leave learning how to turn into the insight and power each chakra brings to us.

This is a fun and interactive meditation group, for both beginner and advanced meditators.  Bring nothing but an open mind and a smile! And leave with a new vision of clarity and self awareness.

Questions? Call/text 716-536-6230 or email: roseannescript@gmail.com

Location: 85 Fordham Drive, Buffalo 14216
(near the intersection of Elmwood & Amherst St)