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Energy Field

by RDScript@aol.com

Universal Energy Field (UEF) or Human Energy Field (HEF): An energy field that surrounds all living things. It includes light that pulsates and can be sensed with higher perception. It has an organizing effect on matter and builds form. Our field is co…


by RDScript@aol.com

Penduling: Use of a dangling object external to the healer’s field into the client’s field to determine energy flow. As a client comes to me for energy work, one of the ways I assess is by holding a pendulum over each of the main chakras and determine …

Newtonian Physics

by RDScript@aol.com

Newtonian Physics: All the universe is a machine with moving parts and space and time are absolute.In the world of Newtonian physics, everything looks the same to everyone else in the universe, irrespective of your location and speed. I don’t know abou…