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Energy Field

by RDScript@aol.com

Universal Energy Field (UEF) or Human Energy Field (HEF): An energy field that surrounds all living things. It includes light that pulsates and can be sensed with higher perception. It has an organizing effect on matter and builds form. Our field is co…


by RDScript@aol.com

Unruffling: A basic energy healing technique in which the practitioner’s hands brush over the congested area until it feels cleared.  The concept comes form Dolores Krieger as part of Therapeutic Touch training. (Feel Good Now p. 98) Currently, Healing…

Tree Meditation

by RDScript@aol.com

Tree Meditation: Taking the energy up to the branches and staying there a while, then moving down to the trunk, roots and ground. A terrific 15 minute meditation for grounding. I offer this as a grounding meditation to my clients both during healing se…